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ZASA Business Forum

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You can be a Carpenter, Plumber, Electrician, Tiler, IT Specialist, Events Manager, Transporter or any other service you can render to the community. We need your full details as follows: 1. Full names. 2. Cell number. 3. Branch name. 4. Town of residence. 5. What you can do. Create a profile and you can list on this page. This page will be promoted by ZASA and ZASA Magazine to the Zambian community and businesses that require your services.


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All official announcements will be made through this section - make sure you subscribe to the section after signing up to get notifications in your email inbox.


ZBF Market Place

Do you have a service or product you wish to promote to the Zambian Diaspora Community? This is the place for you, you MUST BE SIGNED UP to the forum to post - FOLLOW THIS LINK - - complete your profile and you will be able to post in any of the forum sections for free. Once you have posted what you are selling or offering, just copy the link to your post and you can share it on any website or social media platform - happy trading! Chairperson - Mr. Francis Tembo, 0766477774 | Vice Chairperson - Mrs. Mia Lupinda, 0737522824


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