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The world needs a new financial system


Are you ready to say goodbye to outdated systems and stay competitive? Companies need to utilize strategic partnerships to keep from falling behind. When these partnerships are technology-based, they can expand partner networks faster and into more ecosystems than ever before. Outdated, legacy systems are becoming a major hindrance to the relationships companies need to grow in order to innovate, compete, and win.


60% of executives state that blockchain and smart contracts will be critical to their organizations over the next three years.


AWAX blockchain, and smart contracts are the cornerstone of technology partnerships. Those that invest in these changes today will lead the way to redefine how businesses transact in the future.


Staying competitive depends on strong and plentiful partnerships, creating a powerful digital ecosystem strategy.

Technology-based partnerships are the strategic ambition of every business, and every company’s technology architecture must evolve to meet that ambition. AWAX approach empowers agility as applications become more modular, enabling rapid integration with many new partners. As each company’s portfolio of partnerships grows, this scale of connections means reimagining the way the business transacts with others, and blockchain is a major key to creating, scaling, and managing those relationships.


The successful companies of tomorrow need to re-evaluate how they architect their applications and services. Empowering AWAX technology-based relationships will clear the path to growth and unprecedented opportunities for innovation.


Expectations are growing–from customers, employees, business partners, governments, and more. Transformation is the key to meeting these expectations, and leaders are redefining their companies based on the company they keep.


November 2nd 2018 1000s of people and Companies all over the world will take their first step into the future by joining AWAX Banking Solutions to be part of the future in their world-renowned programs in this cutting-edge field of Digital Currency a unique platform that gives you the opportunity to earn crypto currency.


The AWAX Solution

Levering the Ethereum blockchain, self executing smart contracts and unique automation technology, AWAX provides a new, highly scalable global financial solution. Users will have a single global account for their digital and fiat money and complete freedom to buy, sell, move and exchange any type of asset anywhere in the world without restriction. All this at near-instant transaction speed and at significantly reduced fees to traditional systems.


AWAX promises lower fees than their competitors and a lower risk of volatility, a loyalty reward programme. This includes a members’ club. All AWAX users are able to collect bonus points, in fact every transaction they make on the AWAX platform will earn them bonus points and as we know.


Benefits are not solely for the greatest investors, but also for the user who is most active within the AWAX solution – investing, trading, contributing to forums, supporting other users and so on. Benefits include additional utility tokens and cryptocurrency of course.


AWAX welcome the setup of new ICOs and want their users to be confident and informed. To this end AWAX will establish an expert review body that will assess and rate emerging ICO opportunities and provide a ranking system for their users.


In summary, it’s an exciting time for cryptocurrency marketers. The crypto market place is becoming less volatile and fairly priced as competition drives regulation and innovation and now customer experience is emerging as the goal for those who want to be considered the best. Open your eyes to the endless opportunities which AWAX Digital Currency presents.




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