Zoona – FinTech Service Provider

Receive money in Zambia from South Africa, the UK and more

Zoona is a purpose-driven African FinTech start-up that helps people send and receive money, when they need to most, so that communities can thrive.

In 2009, Zoona was established by Kitwe born brothers, Brett and Brad Magrath. In Zambia, Zoona has an Agent network of 1500 entrepreneurs who bring essential financial services to their communities. Zoona has since expanded operations into both Malawi and Mozambique, and processed more than $2 billion in transaction value.

Zoona was recognized by The Nike Foundation and The Unreasonable Group as one of the top ten organizations globally, best positioned to take girls out of poverty, by helping them becoming entrepreneurs.

They have partnered with Mukuru Africa creating one of the widest networks to receive money in Zambia from South Africa, the United Kingdom and many more countries.

ZOONA agents in Zambia


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