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Hope you are well and in good spirit.

It saddens us deeply to receive phone calls from people in Zambia telling us about a death in South Africa.

When we ask around, mostly, no one knows about these Zambians.

All Zambians living in South Africa know about ZASA. Zambians know that ZASA has never failed to bury loved ones in South Africa and also, ZASA has never failed to repatriate bodies to Zambia. Zambians know that ZASA has been paying part of medical bills for Zambians in hospitals.

I ask you once again, please don’t live in isolation, please don’t live like an island. Be part of the big Zambian family in South Africa, be part of ZASA because it is the right thing to do.

If you don’t want to mix with Zambians, please register with ZASA, pay your membership, get your membership card and stay away quietly; as long as we know where you are, it’s fine.

Some Zambians come to South Africa and stop communicating with parents or relatives in Zambia. We receive messages of missing persons and we look for them and mainly we find them and advise accordingly. Such behaviour is not acceptable.

Some of you have very good jobs, and have medical aid cards and you live in isolation but remember there comes a time when you need a fellow countryman beside you. A need for help comes in many aspects which you might lack, this has happened many times. Be part of the big family away from home.

No matter what happens, we will be the first ones to receive that phone call of help, and this is proven.

Thank you.

Ferdinand Simaanya
ZASA President.

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