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What is Mukuru?

Mukuru is a remittance company. We offer customers all over the world the opportunity to send money to their relatives or friends back home. We also offer subsidiary financial services to our clients that would otherwise be out of their reach.

What can Mukuru offer me?

Mukuru enables you to support your loved ones at home in a cost-effective manner. We know how hard people work for their money these days, so it is our goal to facilitate extremely convenient value transfers at the minimum level of cost. If you get stuck and don’t like computers, we have a friendly customer support team that can help you transact entirely over the telephone.

What is a Mukuru account?

A Mukuru account is a confidential account, held with us, which keeps track of both your orders and your recipients’ details. If you are an online customer you can place orders, view and amend recipient details, and even replicate previous orders, all online, using your account. If you prefer to transact over the telephone you will still have a Mukuru account, only one of our operators will manage it for you, amending the details of your orders as and when you wish to place them. You can also interact with your Mukuru account through our mobile channels.

Can anyone sign up for a Mukuru account?

Absolutely! As long as you are over 18 years old you can set up your own account. Simply contact our call centre on 0860018555 or dial *130*567# and our friendly staff will help you to sign up.

How long will it take to sign up?

Our sign up process is very quick provided you have the correct documentation, namely: proof of identity, proof of income and proof of residency.

How confidential and secure is Mukuru?

Mukuru is extremely secure and confidential. We continually update our systems and we will never pass out your personal details to any third parties.

Why can't I use my friend's Mukuru account?

To ensure that our high standards of security are maintained, we will not allow anyone else to use your account, nor will we allow you to use someone else’s account. To help us maintain the highest security standards please take a couple of minutes to establish your own, personal Mukuru account.

Why am I asked for my customer number when I call?

Having your customer number close at hand allows our customer service staff to access your details quickly, making it easier for them to assist you further.

What is a Mukuru order?

An order is a registered purchase of a product, or service, that you have created either online, through our mobile channels or telephonically through our support centre.

How do I place an order?

The easiest way to place an order is to use one of our mobile channels (USSD, Mukuru App or Mobi Site). Simply follow the prompts which will take you through the process. You will need to specify the amount of money to send, recipient’s details and preferred collection region. Finally, you will be asked to choose your preferred payment location or method. You will be given an order number, which must be used as a reference when paying (see payment methods). The order number should also be quoted if you have any queries or amendments related to an order.

If you prefer to transact telephonically simply drop our call centre a line, and one of our friendly customer service staff will help you to place your order.

Account Authorisation

In accordance with South African law all Mukuru clients need to confirm to the requirements of Financial Intelligence Centre Act (FICA). This means that all clients will need to produce the following documents in order to register for with Mukuru.

  • Proof of Identity
  • Proof of Income
  • Proof of Residency

Payment Options


Payments can be made to Mukuru via any of our retail partners. Please remember to quote your order number as the reference so that we can track your payment.

Online or Telephone Banking

Payments can be made to Mukuru by transferring money to our bank accounts using the online banking or telephone banking options offered by your bank account. Please remember to quote your order number as the reference so that we can track and match your payment. Our banking details will be sent to you if you choose to pay via one of our banking partners.

Mukuru Money Card

Payments can be made to Mukuru using your Mukuru Money prepaid debit card. Your card will only appear as a payment option if you activated the card and the balance in it is enough to cover your order amount.

Money Transfers

How long will it take to be able to send money?

You can send money home today! As soon as you have signed up for your Mukuru account you can immediately start sending money back home.

How much money can I send?

You are cleared as a new customer to send up to a certain level on your account. If you registered with a South African ID you are able to send up to R1000 000 and if you registered with a foreign ID you are cleared to send up 12 times your monthly income based on your proof of income.

How do I send money?

Quickly and easily! You can place an order using one of our mobile channels (USSD, Mukuru App or Mobi Site) or contact our call centre and we will help you to place your order. You will need to have your recipient’s details close to hand.

Cash Collections

How are cash collections done?

Your recipient will be sent a voucher number with collection details. They will need to take this voucher number, the name of their sender, the amount they are collecting and their ID to one of our collection partners. Our partners vary from banks, retail outlets to mobile wallets and we are continually working to expand them.

How long before money sent is ready for collection?

The money you send is ready for collection instantly once payment is confirmed.

Local Account Payments

What information do you require before I can send money?

When you want to send money to someone’s bank account you will need to give us the first name and surname of the account holder, the name of the bank that they have an account with, plus the account number and the branch code. If you do not have these details then we cannot transfer money for you.

What will happen if I give the wrong bank details?

If you supply us with the incorrect bank details for your recipient, and your order is sent, then we will need to track those funds. Many of the banks will hold onto the funds until we request that they be returned. There is usually a charge for this service — it is not a Mukuru charge — before the bank will return the misdirected funds. Sometimes the funds will be rejected immediately, and there may be no charge. This is determined by the bank overseas, a process over which we unfortunately have no control.

How do I pay for money orders?

How long does it take to get their money?

This can take up to 48 hours during the week. If payment is made after 1pm on a Friday, banks only process the order the next working day meaning the money will only be available on Tuesday.

How do my family or friends get their money?

Once your order has been placed, and payment has been received, your money will be transferred into your recipient’s bank account directly.


If I am worried about an order what should I do?

Please contact our support department if you have any concerns about your order or dial *130*567# and select the call back option and we will call you or chat directly to our support staff using the Mukuru App. Please quote your order number when you call so that we can help you quickly.


Where can I post my complaints?

Complaints should be directed to our support department. Please quote your order number when you call so that we can help you quickly or chat directly to our support department using the Mukuru App or call us on 0860018555.

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