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Expatriate Health Cover for Foreign Nationals
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Founded on the principles of affording top class healthcare to Africans, Buphe is an organisation committed to assisting Africans in the provision of, and access to better Healthcare.

In pursuit of this goal, Buphe has now launched a new Health Insurance Product for expatriates.

One of the biggest challenges for expats in a foreign country is access to quality Healthcare, often expats are limited to access Public Healthcare Service with poor quality due to lack of good Health Insurance that can enable access to Private Healthcare Services of good quality.

Expatriate “Pay Cover” offers a range of benefits for people living in the Diaspora.

Buphe Value propositions and offerings for Expatriate Cover can be highlighted and summarized in three points:

1. Health Benefit Cover with three principal benefits:

  • Day to day Cover or Outpatient Cover, for routine and minor cases that require medical attention such as GP, Dentistry, Optometry and so on.
  • Hospitalization, for a case that necessitates in patient attention and most of the time expats can only access Public Health Hospital.

With Buphe Cover, expats have access to Private Care Service throughout SA.

  • Back Home Cover for Loved Ones, expats are regularly faced with the challenge of sending money back home for medical support to family members. This benefit enables an expat to provide direct medical cover to loved ones back home by paying the premium in SA.

Expats have the choice of taking either of the benefits or a combination of the above benefits.

2. Additional Benefits, that come as a package to the basic benefits or separate (Optional):

  • Death Cover
  • Repatriation of mortal remains, while the consolation for the pain suffered by the family back home cannot be gauged, this benefit will assist in reducing such pain by seeing the remains of loved ones.
  • Medical Evacuation for the cover of loved ones back home, this cover is activated when the treatment provided back home is not adequate and there is a need for advanced medical attention in SA.

3. Value Added Benefits:

These benefits are mainly provided in order to facilitate access to Healthcare and they form part of the annual benefits for the corresponding premium paid.

Separate and additional benefits can be purchased for loved ones at additional cost

  • Free Mobile handset for a period of 24 months while your Cover is active
  • Free monthly Airtime/ Data, to enable you submit claims and contact us.
  • Free Debit Card (Master Card) to facilitate payment of claims both for you and loved ones back home.
  • Free E-Wallet, for transfer of funds

For further information, please contact our Customer Services:

From South Africa: 0861288823

Internationally: +27114525311


The Advantages of Buphe Offering:

The main two advantages are:

  • No Need for Bank account to pay for your Premium Cover
  • No Need for Barcode ID to subscribe for the cover

Further advantages can be summarised as follows:

1. Flexible Health Cover:

  • Flexible period of cover, whereby a member can choose the length of cover based on affordability and period of stay in the country
  • Top up cover from as little as R5 per day, this is the basic entry cover and additional cover can be bought
  • Back Home Cover for loved ones from as little as R480.00 per month

2. Flexible Benefits:

  • Free Medical Debit Card for Claim Pay Out
  • Top up monthly benefits as and when needed
  • Mobile Wallet for transactions and Money Transfer

3. Flexible Payment:

  • Flexible frequency of payment, such as daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly
  • Pay premium as and when needed
  • Premium payment at most retail shops


Got a question or comment you’d like us to pass on to Buphe for you? Please visit the website or submit it on the contact form below and we will make sure they get it and get back to you.

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