A magazine that provides a concise, informative and leisurely digest for Zambians in the Diaspora (well, anyone interested in Zed really) that you can peruse on a Sunday afternoon while sipping on whatever it is that makes you smile 🙂

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Some Key Highlights

Launched in October 2015, the magazine continues to show consistent growth:

  • Monthly email distribution to subscribers and ZASA members: 12600+ PDF
  • Average monthly downloads (excluding email subscribers) of +-233 electronic (PDF) copies
  • Average monthly website traffic of 4 800+ unique visitors, 10800+ views
  • Readership footprint covers 175 countries across all continents (visual below)
  • Facebook fans: 7570+
  • Instagram followers: 1270+
  • Twitter followers: 385+
  • YouTube subscribers: 180+

*Stats updated on 20 August 2019


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Download ZASA Magazine Overview (PDF) 2019 here.

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  1. GEORGE ZOZI 6 months ago

    Good morning Mr Editor,
    I would like to share a story on a new Pre school building handed over to the community of Kabula in Sioma district ,Western Province (Zambia)

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