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Who is ZASA Mag?

Launched in October 2015, the Magazine has been embraced by the Zambian community in
the Diaspora, something that we are humbled by and very grateful for. The idea behind the
Magazine was to create a platform that Zambians in the Diaspora can relate to and engage with in order to voice themselves as well as connect and learn more about each other. We like to refer to the Magazine as one that provides a concise, informative and leisurely digest one can peruse (Zambian or not) on a Sunday afternoon.

The ZASA Mag Reader

Our reader profile is all encompassing, the readership statistics show that we have readers of ages ranging from 18 years old to 65 (highest concentration between 25 – 45 years old, 44% female, 55% male). There is a mix of different kinds of readers from business owners to people travelling for leisure. We have readers that are Heads of Departments at major corporations and readers that simply want to see their personal pictures in the ad-hoc “Spotlight” section.

Magazine Content

We cover a wide range of Zambian oriented stories; from features on interesting Zambian figures in the Diaspora to amazing destinations and business articles. We carefully select and distill our stories each month to strike a balance between lifestyle, business and entertainment.

Focus on Reader Engagement

Reader engagement is the best measure of the impact the Magazine is making, content is organised around what the reader wants. This includes a popular ad-hoc section where Zambian events taking place in the diaspora community are reviewed in captioned pictures, the pictures are then released mid month through the website.

All issues are available to download from:

Some Key Highlights

Launched in October 2015, the magazine continues to show consistent growth:

  • Monthly email distribution to subscribers and ZASA members: 19000+ PDF copies
  • Web and Mobile Push Notifications: 2600+ (per post)
  • Average monthly downloads (excluding email subscribers) of +-250 electronic (PDF) copies
  • Website traffic last 90 days: of 1400+ unique visitors, 3900+ views
  • Facebook fans: 8200+
  • Instagram followers: 1300+
  • Twitter followers: 550+
  • LinkedIn Followers: 560+
  • YouTube Subscribers: 560+
  • Podcast Downloads 1282 to date.

Find and follow us on social media:

Facebook: @ZASAMagazine

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Download ZASA Magazine Overview (PDF) 2020 here.

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  1. GEORGE ZOZI 2 years ago

    Good morning Mr Editor,
    I would like to share a story on a new Pre school building handed over to the community of Kabula in Sioma district ,Western Province (Zambia)

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