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Issue 58 | January 2021 – SA’s New Borders, Likaka in Sesheke, WhatsApp 2021 Features, Prevent HIV & Cervical Cancer with Circumcision

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Dr Nalumango explains how circumcision can protect men and partners from HIV and prevent cervical cancer in women, what’s up with WhatsApp? Download free now. #Zambia #ZASA #Immigration #Diaspora

Issue 58 January 2021
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Grab something really nice to sip on, find a comfortable spot and sit back, let us take you on a little journey…

The Bookman on the Zambezi is part of a longer post, we profile Likaka (Lozi word for guinea fowl) House. If you are an avid reader or history junkie, this is your fix when you get a chance. They have a library with close to 2000 items, including books, on Barotseland, Zambia in general, as well as the neighbouring states of Zimbabwe, Malawi, Botswana and Namibia.

One of our founding fathers has left us so we pay a special tribute to him, RIP Mr Nector Mbilima.

Are you also migrating to Telegram? Or is it going to be just another app you downloaded and never used? Well, if you’re sticking with WhatsApp, here are some new features coming your way in 2021.

Medical male circumcision can help end unexplained recurring fevers in children, protect men and their partners from HIV and help prevent cancer of the cervix in women. How, you ask? Dr David Nalumango explains.

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South Africa plans to make major changes to its borders – we highlight what to expect and Xobbe hosts a webinar with Musonda (Accountant and ACCA affiliate), from the discussion you can expect to gain an understanding of how money works and how to spend it, gain important life skills like personal budgeting and more.

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Issue 58 January 2021

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