Issue 57 | December 2020 – ICT Visa Holders get an extension, Lusaka Retreat, entrepreneurship and Fashion, Niva and 2020 Heroes

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Issue 57 (December 2020) is now live! ICT Visa Holders get a 24-month extension, Lusaka Retreat, entrepreneurship and Fashion, Niva and 2020 Heroes and more

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Issue 57 December 2020 heroes
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It’s that time again, festivities are kicking off around the world as we gear up for Christmas. It is a time to also reflect on the year that’s been and what better way is there to do so than to look back at the heroes of 2020?

Mrs Brinia Bwalya and Ms Mazikose Lukanda, our heroic SA-based Zambian nurses, share their stories. ZASA president Mr Ferdinand Simaanya and Mr Sydney Njamba also share their insights having survived Covid-19.

Issue 57 December 2020 heroes

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Some features in this edition...

One of Lusaka’s best-kept secrets, the Lusaka Legacy Hilltop Retreat & Conference Centre, is a quick 20-minute drive from Kenneth Kaunda International Airport in Lusaka and 15 minutes from the U.S. Embassy, this is one retreat you should have on your bucket list – we bring you all you need to know.

Dubbed the ‘Zambian Style King’, His work in travel, luxury and fashion, thus far, has been outstanding. His unique methods of using ‘Natural Light Photography’ caught Victoria’s attention; we chat to Niva Hankede about his work and vision.

Immigration-wise, there is good news for intra-company transfer (ICT) visa holders! You are now able to apply for a further 24 months in South Africa after a new directive was passed back in October.

We discuss practical approaches to managing money after getting married and bring you 7 steps you can take to bump up that credit score. Can you actually prepare for death and the end of life? Steven tackles a subject many of us shy away from in this month’s Vitality and Health column.

Issue 57 December 2020 heroes

That’s not all, there’s more…

There is so much more from dangerous Android phone apps to avoid to discussing how to get your start-up off the ground in Zambia including information from PACRA and an interview by Xobbe with Zambian Fashion Powerhouse, Mwenge Stephanie Kapumpa.

Find yourself a comfortable spot and grab something nice to sip on…

Enjoy the mag!

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