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Send money to and from Zambia with Bidvest Bank Digital Transfers

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Bidvest Bank has adopted an easy to use front-end digital system that allows you to send and receive Western Union money transfers via the Bidvest Bank App. #Zambia #ZASA #Money #MoneyTransfers

send money to zambia
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Whilst the world is battling with the Covid-19 pandemic threatening everyone’s health and it being an unprecedented challenge for our societies and health systems, less human exposure and interaction comes highly recommended and is geared to be the new normal.

The Bidvest App

In today’s world, mobile apps and convenience-driven services are a pre-requisite for banking services. Bidvest Bank has adopted a front-end digital system that allows you to do the following:

  • Send and receive Western Union money transfers via the Bidvest Bank App by simply opening a Bidvest Bank Grow AccountTM
  • Receive a Western Union and Moneygram money transfer telephonically via the Bidvest Bank Virtual Branch.

Money received will be deposited directly into the customer’s Bidvest Bank Account or Grow Account.

In addition, we will soon be upgrading our MoneyGram service to introduce these exciting features:

  • The ability to send money from South Africa to multiple bank accounts and mobile wallets across the globe
  • Promotion codes
  • Automated name amendments

Announcements on this upgrade will be made soon.

To open a Bidvest Bank Grow Account, simply visit to open an account online or contact the Service Centre of Excellence on 0860 11 11 77.

To transact via our Virtual Branch please contact 0860 018 015, Monday – Friday: 08:00 to 17:00 Saturday: 09:00 to 13:00. Bidvest Bank is committed to providing secure, quick and easy banking from anywhere. Let’s get it done!

Contact Bidvest Bank

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send money to zambia

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