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Issue 56 | November 2020 – SA Immigration Reality Check, Wild Zambia, Resting Giants and Movember

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We pay respects to Mr George Zozi, discuss men’s health, head to Batoka Gorge for a breathtaking Zambian destination, talk SA immigration, Vikwati and more

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Issue 56 November 2020
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The November 2020 Edition (Issue 56) is now live!

The five leading cancers affecting men* according to the 2016 National Cancer Registry (NCR) are prostate, colorectal, lung, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and bladder cancer. The most common male cancer is prostate cancer in SA.

Prostate cancer often occurs without symptoms but in more advanced cases, symptoms include frequent urination (especially at night), painful or burning sensation during urination or ejaculation, leaking urine and bloody urine/semen. Advanced cancer can cause deep pain in the lower back, hips or upper thighs, CANSA explains.

Issue 56 November 2020 prostate cancer

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What can you do to help?

Firstly, read the article with Mr Bornface Nonde for his honest and frank talk from the perspective of someone living with prostate growth. Then share the edition and help us spread the word, your single share could save a life. Lastly, help spread awareness by keeping your beard throughout ‘Movember’ if you’re male. Steven’s article this month focuses on giving practical guidance on how to deal with a chronic condition overall from diagnosis to having to deal with end-of-life decisions.

That’s not all, there’s more…

We pay homage to a giant among men within the ZASA community, MHSRIP. We offer our heartfelt condolences to the Zozi family, your loss is shared; the many enlightening and progressive conversations with ba Zozi will stay with us forever.

We head to the Batoka Gorge for this month’s Dream Destination where you get to meet Wild Zambia in all it’s breathtaking glory. We talk SA immigration (reality vs expectation), Vikwati, UBER SA and Medicare’s new medicine delivery service, the ZASA Tilapia Fish Project and Victoria chats to free-spirited Lorna Leo about the work she does with WEDO.

All this and more in this month’s edition so find yourself a comfortable spot and grab something nice to sip on…

Enjoy the mag!

Issue 56 November 2020 prostate cancer

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