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Zambia’s HC calls on Zambians in SA to emulate late ZASA Business Forum Chairperson George Zozi’s vision

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Maj Gen Miti said Mr Zozi had imparted knowledge to Zambians on how to be financially stable, among them being the recently launched ZASA Fish Farming.

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Pretoria-Sunday, 8th November 2020

Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa Major General Jackson Miti has called on Zambians living in South Africa to emulate late ZASA Business Forum Chairperson George Zozi’s vision of economically improving lives of Zambians in South Africa.

Speaking during the burial procession of Mr Zozi at Growth Point Church in Rustenburg in South Africa, Maj Gen Miti described him as a visionary leader that spearheaded the business forum among Zambians in South Africa.

george zozi

He said Mr Zozi was committed to ensuring all Zambians were taught on economic ideas and how to sustain themselves and their families.

Maj Gen Miti said Mr Zozi had imparted knowledge to Zambians on how to be financially stable in various businesses, among them being the recently launched ZASA Fish Farming.

Fish Farm

He has since called on all Zambians to continue his good works so that his dream can live on.

Maj Gen Miti wished the Zozi family God’s strength during this difficult moment.

And Zambia Association in South Africa President Mr Ferdinand Simanya described Mr Zozi as a true leader of humility and humanity.

He said Mr Zozi was the pillar of the business forum as he would give ideas that were beneficial and added value to the forum.

Mr Simanya said in his honour, the ZASA Fish Farming project will be called the George Zozi Fish Farming which will carry on his legacy.

Mrs Naomi Nyawali

First secretary Press and Public Relations

Zambia High Commission South Africa.


Approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 



Thank you.

Zambia High Commissioner to the Republic of South Africa – your Excellency Major General Jackson Miti
Mama Ruth Zozi,
Members of the Zozi family,
Members of mama Ruth Zozi’s family,
Family members,
Diplomats from the Zambia High Commission.
All leaders of faith,
Zambia Association in South Africa National Executive Committee members,
ZASA Branch Executive Committee members present and all structures countrywide,
ZASA BF Executive Committee members and all members of the ZASA BF,
ZASA Sourcing and Logistics Board Members, and all ZASOLO shareholders,
The Zambian community living in South Africa,
I also recognise Mr David Fincham – from the Tilapia Fish Farm Project.
Fellow mourners,
Ladies and gentlemen.

It is my honour to be with you all as we gather to celebrate the life of one of our gallant leaders in the Zambian community here in South Africa.

On behalf of the Zambian community living in South Africa, I would like to render my heartfelt sympathies and condolences to the Zozi family on Mr Zozi’s untimely death.

To Mrs Zozi and the rest of the family, please know that you are not alone. You are surrounded by our love, compassion and care as we are with you in spirit and prayer during this time of grief. Though a very dark cloud has loomed in our midst and we are in pain, anguished, devastated, in sorrow, in disbelief, and heartbroken, we have hope that through grace, God will see us through.
Let us draw comfort from the word of God that tells us that soon the king is coming, when all the dead will rise, “Those who have done good; to the resurrection of life, and those who have done evil, to the resurrection of judgement.” I know to the best of my knowledge that Mr Zozi will rise to the resurrection of life because of his good works here on earth. That is our faith and hope in Christ Jesus our Lord.

We mourn with you on the loss of a true son of our soil, a gentleman of all seasons, the ever green Mr George Zozi, the giving heart of fame, the true spirit of humanity, the advisor whom we cherished, a focused mind of progress, a leader who moved straight to the point, a gentle soul and a father of many in the Zambian community living in South Africa and beyond.

Your excellency, fellow mourners, ladies and gentlemen.
In ZASA, Mr George Zozi was the chairperson of the ZASA Rustenburg branch since its inception in 2016. Through our conversations, I saw a leader full of wit, great ideas and talent; I saw wisdom and a dedicated leader ready to serve humanity. As ZASA President, I was mandated by the ZASA constitution to appoint Mr George Zozi to the ZASA National Executive Committee, in February of 2017 and in 2018 I appointed him as Chairperson for the ZASA Business Forum (BF) which he transformed into a progressive front, unity of purpose and a clear roadmap to success.

Last year, Mr George Zozi was elected as a Board Member for the ZASA Sourcing & Logistics Company (ZASOLO) in charge of operations which is slowly transforming into a profitable entity through his hard work, guidance and commitment to duty and detail.

On the 17th October, 2020, under his influence, knowledge, initiative and business ideas, ZASA launched the ZASA Tilapia Fish Farm Project which marked a turning point for a turnaround strategy for the ZASA BF.

Your excellency, Fellow mourners, ladies and gentlemen;
The ZASA Tilapia Fish Farm Project will now be called the George Zozi Fish Farm Project in his honour.

There was no day that passed by without me talking to Mr Zozi. Our conversations were always lengthy. Mr Zozi would literally brief me on a range of things under his ZASA portfolios, from the NEC duties, branch duties, BF duties and the truck business.
One thing he taught me is that poverty is not the lack of money, but the lack of ideas and that God does not give you cash, but ideas and knowledge on how to create wealth.
His death is a huge loss to all of us. The gap that has been created due to his demise is unbearable. We ask our God to have mercy upon us, as the journey ahead will be thorny.

Your excellency, Fellow mourners, ladies and gentlemen,
thank you for your generosity, thank you for all your support and thank you for your helping hand. This spirit of humanity, a spirit of Ubuntu and a spirit of One Zambia, One Nation, founded by our forefathers should always live in us.

May God himself, the God of peace, sanctify you through and through. May our spirit, soul, and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

May God bless the memory of Mr George Zozi;
May God bless the Zozi Family;
May the good Lord comfort you and give you his peace;
May you walk in divine confidence and know that Jesus Lives; Until we meet again; IT IS WELL.

Thank you.

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