Issue 54 | New Yorkers and Zambia, Boutique Savings, 5G Fuss, Poor vs Rich Families, Spousal Visas, Aquaplaning and Racism

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What is this New Yorker’s obsession with Zambia? We talk boutique savings, the 5G Fuss, Poor vs Rich Families, Spousal Visas, Aquaplaning and Racism #Diaspora #Zambia #ZASA

ZASA Magazine September 2020
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Issue 54 is now live!

A boutique hotel with its own character, what makes the Urban Hotel Ndola special and what else can we expect from the group as they expand into Lusaka and across the continent? We’ve been fans for years but never got round to featuring them. This month, we feature the hotel and talk to the man behind the vision, Christopher Jannou – a New Yorker obsessed with Zambia and now taking on Africa.

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Victoria talks to Chipasha Angel Kamukwamba AKA Dupa – a Lusaka-born Entrepreneur/Musician currently based in South Africa, “Each of us has a unique path in life, find out what works best for you and do it well.”

The South African Department of Home Affairs enables foreign spouses of South Africans to join their husband or wife in South Africa by means of a spousal visa – not to be confused with an accompanying spouse visa though… All you need to know in this month’s Immigration 101 column.

Steven takes the case of civil unrest that followed the death of Freddie Gray (Baltimore, 2015), looks at the unrest following George Floyd’s death and the prevalence of deaths among people of colour during the COVID19 pandemic. He asks the question (amongst others); do public health responses ever consider race as an issue?

All this and more in this month’s edition so find yourself a comfortable spot and grab something nice to sip on…

Enjoy the mag!

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