Issue 52 | Excelling Zambians, SA Visa Timelines, Covid-19 Positive Coworkers & Winning Battery Life Wars

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ZASA Magazine July 2020 (Issue 52) is live! We talk excelling Zambians, examine SA Visa timelines, Covid-19 positive coworkers & winning battery life wars. #Zambia #ZASA #Diaspora

ZASA Magazine July 2020
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ZASA Magazine July 2020 (Issue 52) is live!

She is the founder of Yoni Zambia (a group of companies including Yoni Spa) and WEEP (Women’s Economic Empowerment Program). She’s young, ambitious and has a heart of gold. We catch up with Alina Karimamusama.

How long does it take to get a South African visa? From work and study visas to critical skills and medical treatment visas, we bring you all you need to know in this month’s Immigration 101 column. Have you been wondering what you should do if a coworker or employee is confirmed to have contracted Covid-19? Werksmans Attorneys’ director puts the regulations in simple terms.

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“You can have all the tools in the world, but if you don’t genuinely believe in yourself it is useless.” Victoria talks to Don Maimisa, a Zambian Real Estate Investor, YouTuber & Entrepreneur based in New York. He shares his experiences and lessons learnt having started out sitting on a park bench in a foreign land with nowhere to stay.

We bring you steps to take to boost your smartphone’s battery life and discuss how you can get yourself the best rate on any loan.

After the overwhelming response by many to Steven opening up and confronting his struggles with ‘unhappiness’ last month, he begins his journey of healing and takes us along in this month’s edition of Vitality and Health.

All this and more in this month’s edition so find yourself a comfortable spot and grab something nice to sip on…

Enjoy the mag – it’s another packed one!

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