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Food distribution to Zambians in SA, DJ Showster interviews ZASA President

Help us reach your friends...
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Food distribution to struggling Zambians in SA starts as Zambians come together with donations, DJ Showster Interviews ZASA President Ferdinand Simaanya #Zambia #ZASA #SouthAfrica

Help us reach your friends...
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Good Day Fellow Zambians,

We have started the food distribution in all affected areas. We have received 55 names of families that need help as of today. We hope and pray that we will meet the budget to carter for people in need.

We are asking all well wishers to please contribute towards this fund so that the Zambians affected can be helped.

ZASA food distribution

Dj Showstar QBreakfast Interview with Ferdinand (ZASA President)

We also ask that please, send names of those ones that are in dare need of food genuinely.

Please note the following:

  1. If you have made a donation and your name is not showing on the list, please give Mr Mwale a shout on +27 81 463 0725 to be included. This is to ensure transparency and accountability.
  2. We encourage all Zambians to be part of this initiative regardless of your status and creed.
  3. We encourage those that can help to please come forth to assist in any way possible.
  4. There will be no cash that will be given to a person in need. We will ensure that the needs are bought and delivered so that we keep and share the receipts for accountability purposes.
  5. This initiative is for all Zambians living in South Africa.

So far the following areas have been covered.

  1. Kempton park
  2. Capetown
  3. Durban
  4. Newcastle
  5. Pretoria

Today, we will cover other areas.

Thank you.

Augustine Chisembele
ZASA Secretary General

ZASA food distribution

Hillbrow/Yoeville/Berea deliveries

Rustenburg deliveries

Nelspriut deliveries

Bezvalley deliveries

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