Issue 49 | Super Authors, Free Microsoft Office, Expired Visa Help, Bodily Dessert and… Hmm, well… Corona

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In Issue 49, we crush on a super author, discuss free Microsoft Office 365, expired visas and TPIN help. We talk about lockdowns, lessons by corona and more #Zambia #Zambian #TPIN #Immigration #SouthAfrica

Issue 49 April 2020 edition
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Issue 49 is now live!

We indulge Angela as she goes teenager level crushing on super author Ingrid Nayame… Well, we understand why after this interview, make sure you catch the Podcast as well.

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The High Commission to South Africa has asked Zambians with expired/expiring visitor’s permits to urgently contact them for help, details in Immigration 101. Voted “Best Location in Africa” 2016, the luxury camp overlooks an expanse of narrow channels and low set reed islands teeming with game.

“Careful who you share your dreams with before they take shape. You might be discouraged to even start by sharing your vision with the wrong people…”
Victoria speaks to Chanda Banda and Shanazi Chanda, founders of Body Desserts Skincare – a proudly Zambian natural skincare brand.

Let us soothe your TPIN pain… We touched on it 2 years ago so it’s time for an update – all you need to know about TPINs and the law for Zambian bank account holders, and then did you know you can get Microsoft Office 365 free (legally) in South Africa? We show you how.

We brief you on Joburg’s new and massive transport hub for cross-border travellers and Steven draws some lessons from the coronavirus pandemic, then puts it in language I can understand.

Yeah, this edition’s packed but you do have quite a bit more time on your hands now so grab something nice to sip on and enjoy the mag!

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