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Interview | H.E. General Jackson Miti, Zambia’s High Commissioner to SA

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We sit with the High Commissioner, H.E. General Jackson Miti and discuss family, dual citizenship, open-door policy, Zambians with illegal papers and more. #Zambia #ZASA

General Jackson Miti
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You met him at the Zambia Night in November, now get to know him and his family in this exclusive interview. We sat with His Excellency, General Jackson Miti to discuss this new chapter as Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa – meet the First Family of Zambians in SA.

“Throughout my career, I have always lived an open door policy. I like to interact with my staff at all levels and those I serve… I intend to continue with this so if any Zambian wants to come and interact with me, they should feel very free to do so…”

His Excellency, General Jackson Miti

The High Commissioner receives regular reports especially through the Zambia Association in South Africa (ZASA). One of the biggest challenges he mentions is Zambians being in the country without valid papers and shares his thoughts on resolving some of these challenges.

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General Jackson Miti

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