Issue 46 | SA Visa Updates, Birdly Views, Fashionable Business & Zambia Turning 55

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We review the independence festival, have an engaging and delightful chat with the Chibwe sisters, talk effects of divorce, SA visa updates and so much more #Zambia #ZASA #Immigration #Diaspora

ZASA Magazine Issue 046 November 2019
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Issue 46 is now live!

The independence day celebrations as Zambia turned 55 last month were quite the spectacle, we have all the pictures in this edition, remember that we release the pictures on zasamag.com a week after this edition goes out so be sure to come back, find yourself and download your pictures.

ZASA Magazine Issue 46 November 2019

Issue 46 (November 2019) is live!

We bring you detailed info on the updated South African immigration regulations and highlight a strange but intriguingly luxurious Nest camp located in the magnificent Busanga Plains, Kafue National Park.

“No human must tie themselves to one story of themselves…” Pamela & Stephanie Chibwe headline this edition with an engaging and delightful chat with Angela about their journey so far building two successful businesses and the legacy they are building.

Victoria chats to Chilombo Sakala, discussing how she went from staying at home for five years after graduating to running “Nitumeni Services” and publishing her book encapsulating her journey of triumph.

For our entrepreneurs, we bring you a step by step guide on setting up and running Facebook Adverts, then Steven examines the effect divorce can have on you and your child’s health, proposes ways of curbing the damage.

Pompi and Mag44 drop an album that feels like it was handed down from heaven on a cloud, we bring you the album review and have added the music to our YouTube Channel.

ZASA Magazine Issue 46 November 2019

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