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Call for an urgent SADC Meeting – Africa Diaspora Forum (SADC States)

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ADF calls for SADC countries to act amidst looming xenophobic attacks after recent calls circulating on voice notes and social media in South Africa #xenophobia #SouthAfrica #Zambia

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We call upon the SADC states to call for an urgent meeting to address looming xenophobic attacks, victimising of foreign nationals and possible death traps in the Republic of South Africa.

SADC under the leadership of His Excellency, the President of the Republic of Tanzania, Mr John Joseph Magufuli should convene an urgent meeting to address this matter before any loss of life happens.

There is a looming and well-calculated xenophobic attack as evident from the voice notes we have received calling for an attack on foreign nationals in South Africa.

This looming attack on foreign nationals will have a huge impact on the Bi-national and Multilateral relationships which exist between SADC countries and the Republic of South Africa and this will call for retaliation of those affected countries on South African nationals in those countries.

South Africa should not forget history. The Front Line States (FLS) were a coalition of African countries from the 1960’s to the early 1990’s committed to ending apartheid and white minority rule in South Africa and Rhodesia.

The FLS included Angola, Botswana, Mozambique, Tanzania, Zambia and later Zimbabwe. Our forefathers sacrificed a lot and most of them died to liberate South Africa. This was a true fight of humanism, a total rejection of discrimination of man by man and racial segregation.

What is happening now is a true reflection of how South Africa is not appreciative of history especially the struggles of yestaryears. A statement to say that it is criminal elements that are looting shops is not true, the truth is these attacks are xenophobic.

We demand an urgent meeting of SADC states to warn and caution the Republic of South Africa and that South Africa should guarantee a safe passage of all foreign nationals in and out of South Africa, provide a safe and secure environment for all foreign truck drivers, provide a secure living environment for all foreign nationals in the Republic of South Africa and provide maximum security for all foreign nationals conducting businesses in the Republic of South Africa.

The Republic of South Africa is a signatory to the International Human Rights Convention and the African Human Rights Charter propagated by the African Union (AU) that calls for all signatories hereto to adhere to human dignity, equality before the law, equal freedom and security for any person/national.

There is need for the SADC region to stimulate trade that is all-inclusive. SADC should call for an integrated trade area typified by the freedom of movement of different nationals, goods and services.

This integration will offer a real opportunity for SADC to oversee productivity and growth over a sustainable period.

We also call on the South African government to use its law enforcement machinery to investigate and expose the elements that are trying to turn the country into a vigilante state at the expense of the rule of law.

We condemn any form of violence on anyone and any person who incites another to perpetuate violence on another human being. Such people should be identified, isolated and dealt with in terms of the law.

It is shocking that the government has not issued any statement to assure and guarantee the safety of foreign nationals despite the numerous planned threats being circulated mostly on social media.

Ferdinand Simaanya
Africa Diaspora Forum – SADC States.

Image credit: Daily Maverick

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