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When sending money across the border, a lot is out of your control. Regulations and Immigration policies don’t have to get in your way, here’s a solution. #Zambia #Mukuru #SouthAfrica

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At a time when immigration policies in leading remittance source countries are getting more stringent and governments around the world are introducing more regulation around money transfers in an effort to reduce risk associated to banking, there’s an even greater need to turn to formal, well-regulated channels when considering how you move your money across borders – the last thing you need is to risk losing your money because you didn’t take the necessary precautions to protect yourself, especially when travelling.

It’s not hard to see why regulation has become a big concern for governments over time – aside from the obvious need to kerb financial crime that is. We have covered topics that explain the risks people face when moving money from one country to another; we evaluated the drawbacks of using informal channels in the June edition 2017, the September 2017 edition discussed the evolution in travelling with money across borders from moving around with cold hard cash, to traveller’s cheques and the costs of POS (card swipes) and ATM withdrawal transactions using a foreign bank card. The January 2018 edition highlighted that 84% of people interviewed in a PASSOP survey reported having a negative experience with sending money back home.

This combination of factors reveals that a lot is out of your control, it is comforting to know that there is a company that sets out to pave the way for easy money transfers so that you and your loved ones back home are not negatively impacted. The regulation and ease of transfer part Mukuru have gotten down to a tee – they seem to have now focused their attention on expanding their network of partnerships.

You can now send and receive money at more places in Zambia!

Mukuru recently announced that they have formed two new partnerships in Zambia with The Bedshop and Kazang. This means you now have an even wider network of stores to choose from whether you want to register an account, send, or receive money.

Issue 43 August edition

Some Useful Information to know

You can also get registered via Facebook – just send them your details through their Facebook page and they will register you.

Want to know how much all this will cost you? Follow this link to view the fees page.

Have a question? You can call Mukuru on +27 (86) 001 8555 or submit your query on the contact form below – we will make sure they get back to you.

Get the Mukuru App or visit to start your own cheaper and more secure money transfer journey!

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Issue 43 August edition

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