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More than money transfers? We tried our hand at dissecting what this actually means. If you are reading this line, it means we got it spot on. Read more #Zambia #Money #Transfers #Africa #SouthAfrica

more than money transfers

Wait, what does that even mean? Well here’s our attempt at dissecting it. The team at Mukuru gets to review the articles before we publish so if you are reading this line, it means we got it spot on… or at least very close. Now for the exercise.

Having worked with Mukuru for a number of years, we feel we have gotten to know a lot about our partner. I remember how we started getting messages earl July when the AFCON Tournament kicked off and people saw the little cow doing football tricks in ads saying things like “I just saw Mukuru on TV!”

Lol this is the kind of community and family building that, believe it or not, was at the core of our partnership discussions from the moment we had our first meeting with the team at Mukuru just over 2 years ago. We wanted to do something that would form bonds rather than just sell ads, we wanted to give you more than just another money transfer solution – those messages tell us we are well on our way to achieving that.

From chats with different readers, one of the reasons they state for their continued support for us is that we bring you content that adds value to your life and we don’t take that for granted, this is why we strive to build partnerships with brands we ourselves believe in before putting them in front of you. We don’t recommend what we don’t use and having used the Mukuru service ourselves from the time we started, there is not a single instance where they have let us down – we even pay some of our Zambian based contributors through Mukuru! This is why we know they will not let you down, because they are more than just about money transfers.

In the spirit of adding value; don’t miss this valuable post we sent out last month on the implications of having loved ones use your account. We dug up some eye-opening info around regulations and the type of fraud you could be charged for if a merchant found you using someone’s account/card without written permission or being appointed as an “Authorised User”.

more than money transfers

Download the latest edition of ZASA Magazine right here…

more than money transfers

Download links (free) – You now have the option to download the Magazine in HD (bigger but super crystal clear kinda nice) or Low Res (smaller but still part of the cool crowd nice).

Low Res Version Link > ZASA Magazine – Issue 42 – July 2019 (LRes)

HD Version Link > ZASA Magazine – Issue 42 – July 2019 (HD)

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Got a question or comment you’d like us to pass on to Mukuru for you? Please submit it on the contact form below and we will make sure they get it and get back to you.
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