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Using someone else’s card and account? Fraud, Identity theft and tips…

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Account Takeover Fraud – the type of fraud you could be charged for if found using someone’s account/card without written permission or being appointed as an “Authorised User”.

account takeover fraud
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Mukuru’s answer to this question is pretty straightforward (quote below), but it got us interested in discovering what sort of implications there are for you if you allowed your loved ones to use your account:

“To ensure that our high standards of security are maintained, we will not allow anyone else to use your account, nor will we allow you to use someone else’s account. To help us maintain the highest security standards please take a couple of minutes to establish your own, personal Mukuru account.”

We do it often, where you have a father or mother living back home who you give a card to an account you open in your own name, put money in it and allow them to withdraw in Zambia.


There doesn’t appear to be direct regulation against giving your Debit/Credit Card to another person to use but it is never recommended because you will need to give them your PIN as well. Generally, any transaction using your PIN is automatically assumed to be authorised by you. On the other hand, nobody really knows if the person got permission ahead of time, so if you are the one borrowing the card and are found out, the default assumption may be that you’re committing fraud. As indicated in an article by The Balance, if a merchant asks for identification and you can’t provide it, things might get complicated—the card might be taken away, the police might get involved, and so on. What’s more, the person who gave you the card can later claim that you took it without permission (if you spend too much, for example, or if your relationship sours). In many cases, transaction records and store surveillance video can be used to bring charges against you. When permission is not given, using somebody else’s debit or credit card is a form of identity theft.

As mentioned in the quote above from Mukuru, the idea is to ensure your account is kept secure and allowing someone else to use your account seriously compromises your information and the security around your money. If your bank, Mukuru or card company finds out that you’re lending out your card, there’s a chance that your account will be closed.


This is the type of fraud you could be charged for if found using someone’s account/card without written permission or being appointed as an “Authorised User”. According to the Banking Association of South Africa, Account Takeover Fraud occurs when a perpetrator poses as the legitimate account holder and takes over someone’s account and then uses the account for their own benefit. Access to personal information is used by perpetrators to pose as their victims for both Account Takeover Fraud and False Application Fraud.


  • Always check your bank statements for suspicious transactions.
  • Shred or burn bank statements, receipts and financial information when disposing of them.
  • Never let another person use your card and do not leave your card or your card details lying around.
  • Never divulge your PIN to anyone.
  • Make use of the card security products offered when transacting with online merchants.
  • Ensure you only place orders with your card on a reputable and secure website when shopping online.
  • Do not send e-mails that include card details such as your card number, expiry date or other details.
  • Report any irregular transactions on your bank statements to your bank immediately.

account takeover fraud

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