Issue 41 | Katongo Temba Interview, Mundane Kid, Southern Africa’s Big 3, Men & Health…

We have a fun and insightful conversation with the upbeat Afropop artist Katongo Temba, chat to The Mundane Kid co-creator, discuss men’s health and more.

“6 Months till 2020. Don’t Let Anyone Waste Your Time.” – I came across this quote a few weeks ago and felt it deserved a mention. As we cross the halfway mark and start bearing down on December, what do you want to look back and say about 2019? Time to cut off some anchors.

Update – We chose not to release twice in May and took the time to rather put together a quality edition as well as focus on enhancing your overall experience with our platforms, which brings us to our other update…

Podcasts are live – we have now launched Podcasts! You can now listen to our interviews on our Podcast Channel, or by simply subscribing to our stream on any of your favourite podcast apps!

Issue 41

Issue 41 (June 2019) is live!

In this edition, Victoria has a chat with a published writer and entrepreneur who shares how he is getting paid for chasing his passion in the Zambian creative industry, co-creating the local webcomic The Mundane Kid and more. We have a fun and insightful conversation with the upbeat Afropop artist Katongo Temba about everything from childhood poems to the upcoming album dropping towards the end of the year. We dug up a sweet little travel tour package by Royal Chungu that takes you from Cape Town to the Kruger and Victoria Falls. “Men feel embarrassed to talk about their health and if it is anything below the waist, forget it.” ~ Dr. Hilary Jones. Steven produces some research that investigates why men are so cagey and discusses why it’s critical to open up about health issues. We profile Jay Trigga in Zed Artist Profiles, talk entrepreneurship, property and much more…

Issue 41

Download links (free) – You now have the option to download the Magazine in HD (bigger but super crystal clear kinda nice) or Low Res (smaller but still part of the cool crowd nice).

Low Res Version Link > ZASA Magazine – Issue 41 – June 2019 (LRes)

HD Version Link > ZASA Magazine – Issue 41 – June 2019 (HD)

As we always say, pour yourself something nice to sip on and enjoy the mag!

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