Zambia – Ethiopia Business Forum to be Formed

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The Zambia – Ethiopia Business Forum will serve as a vehicle for government which has shifted priority from political to economic, business and tourism diplomacy to help fast track the economic development of the country. #Zambia #Ethiopia

Zambia - ethiopia business forum
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Zambia’s Ambassador to Ethiopia, His Excellency Emmanuel Mwamba has announced that a standing business Forum between Zambia and Ethiopia will be formed.

He has since called for a meeting with chambers of commerce to action the formation of the Business Forum.

He said Ethiopia with a population of 105 million was the fastest growing economy in Africa in the last five years and it was imperative that private sector links between Zambia and Ethiopia were formalized.

He said he was impressed that the economy was booming but driven by local people and local investors.

He said he would collaborate with Chambers of Commerce in Zambia and Ethiopia to appoint a board that should drive the private sector trade and business between the two countries.

Mr. Mwamba said government had shifted priority from political diplomacy to economic, business and tourism diplomacy to help fast track the economic development of the country.

He also said Ethiopia had ancient unbroken history for the last 3,500 years.

He said christians in Zambia would be interested to visit holy sites mentioned in both the old and new testament of the Holy Bible.

He said he would also market tourism products to the Ethiopian tourists to sample the heritage and tourism sites in Zambia.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mwamba has said His Excellency President Lungu had restored Zambia’s international role especially regional affairs.

Mr. Mwamba who is also accredited to the African Union as Permanent Representative, said Zambia’s role at the African Union would be to champion calls that promote regional trade and integration of local economies.

He said it was unacceptable that Africa currently trades with the rest of the world up-to 88% and only trades with itself to a paltry 12%.

He said by this action Africa was inadvertantly exporting jobs, opportunities and raw materials thereby stifling prospects of implementing industrialisation program and losing benefits of upwards linkages.

Issued by;
Inutu Mwanza
First Secretary Press/Tourism
Addis Ababa

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