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How to decide your asking price when selling your car

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Looking at selling your car? You don’t want to end up pricing your car too high and not making the sale, but you also don’t want to give it away and be out of pocket for something that you really want. How does one go about setting a price that is just right?

AutoTrader gives us some tips, details and examples in this article which will make sure you are well informed when selling your car, including things like checking out the competition using some credible websites (suggestions included), various factors that affect the price, whether to sell to a dealership, trade in or sell privately and some well-known selling psychology you can deploy to your advantage.

We also give tips on BUYING cars which we will explore a bit more in an upcoming edition. Things like how to go about your research, weighing finance options and negotiating terms are some of the things we touch on.

Read more in Issue 37 of ZASA Magazine – download links below.

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Sources and Credits: Auto Trader Blog | Money Crashers

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