As we were going through some testimonial videos from customers, there is a line that struck a chord and reminded us of a few instances that have slowly nudged us away from using other services for sending money to Zambia over the last few years. The Mukuru customer was explaining the process of receiving money and the line that got us was “… there are no charges paid by the receiver.”

Here is the video that inspired this article:

This sparked a conversation which led to us recounting a number of instances where we have been left less than satisfied by some of the service that exists in this space. When it comes to YOUR money, you should never have to feel like you are not in control. We give 3 examples of when we ourselves felt out of control of our money and provide some valuable information on using Mukuru’s service and how you too can take back control over your money.

You can read the full article in Issue 37 (November 2018) of ZASA Magazine to understand the context of this post, it is supplementary material.

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Download links (free) – You now have the option to download the Magazine in HD (bigger but super crystal clear kinda nice) or Low Res (smaller but still part of the cool crowd nice).

Low Res Version Link > ZASA Magazine – Issue 37 – November 2018 (LRes)

HD Version Link > ZASA Magazine – Issue 37 – November 2018 (HD)

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