trucking company

Zambians in South Africa have come together in business to form a company that will purchase a 15-tonne truck and 17-tonne trailer.

The logistics business will take advantage of the corridor between Zambia and South Africa.

The ZASA Sourcing and Logistics PTY LTD will be a trusted company that will deliver goods timely, efficiently, effectively and where trust will be cardinal to ensure success.

Individual Zambians in the last few months have been contributing R10, 000 each towards the creation of the business.

A board of directors has been elected comprising Mr Binwell Keshi, Mr William Mwale, Mr George Zozi, Mrs Musonda Kapata, Mrs Margaret Ng’andu and Mr David Mwanza. These directors have hit the ground running and are proud to say that a brand new truck will be acquired in the next couple of weeks.

The truck will be financed by the shareholders and the bank. The premises have also been secured and the lease is expected to be signed shortly.

The pricing for the transportation of goods by ZASA sourcing and logistics will be very competitive and efficiency, safety and time will be built in the business model.

The vision is to grow the business, foster unity and empower the Zambians living South Africa.

Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa His Excellency Mr Emmanuel Mwamba, who is also the patron of ZASA welcomed the initiative adding that it was good creativity and that it would  help many Zambian Nationals as it will add value to the countries economy.

Press release by:
Mrs Naomi Nyawali
First Secretary press and public relations
Zambia High Commission,South Africa