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BUPHE VAS BENEFITS | Get value for your money with BUPHE Health Insurance cover

We are enduring economically tough times whereby the cost of living has sky-rocketed, this is especially the case in African countries.

To date, many people drag themselves to workplaces even though they are unwell because they are unable to afford premier healthcare such as GP consultations, Specialist visits and prescribed medications; Buphe provides a premier healthcare service that has you properly covered in these situations.

In addition, their members worry less as BUPHE look out for their best interests through offering value added benefits for their money. Whilst paying their health premiums, BUPHE’s members don’t only benefit from their cover when they are sick because BUPHE also gives them the following:

  • Prepaid Master Card: this is used for claims settlement and cash withdrawal at an ATM for claims and virtual account of your mobile wallet
  • Mobile Wallet: this is a Virtual bank account that also facilitates money transfers to your loved ones locally and back home
  • Free Data & Airtime: this monthly benefit is provided to assist members in case of claim submission
  • Free Handset: this bi-annual benefit is provided to assist a member for claims purposes
  • Discount Vouchers: this benefit is run as a campaign to provide members with discounts at selected retail stores.

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