You get faced with making decisions almost every minute of the day, a lot of these are automatic, a lot are conscious but the one decision you’ll want to be in full control of is how safe your money is. Your hard work, sweat and tears are too precious to leave to chance when it comes to how they move around the world.

According to an International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) report released in June 2017, the amount of money migrants send to their families in developing countries has risen by 51 per cent over the past decade. Zambia alone saw $44 million in remittances flow into the country (p22). You can download the report here – Sending Money Home: Contributing to the SDGs, One Family at a Time.

This data illustrates the point that for a lot of people living in foreign countries, one of their biggest needs if they have loved ones back home is sending them money for support especially if they are vulnerable. This is one of the reasons why we have partnered with Mukuru, to make it just a little bit easier for you to show your family you love and are thinking of them.

In this month’s article, we look at the choices you’ll have to face when it comes down to making a decision on service providers – there are a few key things you need to consider and we lay them out in this edition.

send money home

You can read the full article in Issue 29 (February 2018) of ZASA Magazine to understand the context of this post, it is supplementary material.

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