Yesterday, Sunday 11th February 2017, the Zambia High Commission to South Africa released a statement announcing that the Zambia Association in South Africa (ZASA) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with a leading South African legal firm to provide legal representation to Zambians that face Police and Immigration related challenges.

According to the High Commission, ZASA Vice President Abel Lungu says the MoU was entered into following the increased number of its members that were experiencing harassment and victimisation from that country’s law enforcement institutions.

Mr. Lungu says the Association has since appointed its Trustees, Francis Tembo and Barbara Baloyi as its representatives on the legal firms Board of Trustees.

He said this in a letter of notification sent to Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa His Excellency Mr. Emmanuel Mwamba who is also Patron of the Association.

Mr. Lungu noted the Association decided to sign the MoU following alleged constant reported cases of Police and Immigration harassment of some Zambians living in the country including their inability to meet legal fees.

He observed that the partnership would enable ZASA members who were in good standing with the Association to have legal representation by the firm’s panel of attorneys at no cost.

And Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa His Excellency Mr. Emmanuel Mwamba has cautioned Zambians living in the country to observe law and order in order to avoid being in trouble with the law.

He said Zambians living or travelling to South Africa needed to ensure that they had proper documentation to avoid deportations or other legal inconveniences.

Mr. Mwamba observed that Zambians had good reputation in the country, hence the need to uphold the good image and reputation that Zambia has earned over the years.

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Notification by ZASA to it’s members on the MoU

1. Introduction
The Zambia Association in South Africa wishes to notify its esteemed and prospective members that Zasa has signed a MoU with Legalbite in which Legalbite through its panel of attorneys throughout the Republic of South Africa shall be able to provide Zasa members with legal representation for police and immigration related matters which also includes but not limited to harrassment and victimization from the Police as well as Home Affairs officials.

Mr Francis Tembo and Ms Barbara Baloyi have been appointed by the President to represent the interests of Zasa as Trustees on the Zasa Legalbite Trust Board of Trustees.

2. Reason
Zasa decided to get into a partnership with Legalbite because of the many cases in which Zambians based in RSA were constant victims of harrassment by Immigration officers and the police.

It was also discovered that the legal fees charged by lawyers for any immigration matter were very high which made it impossible for an average Zambian to get justice in a fair manner.
Contributing members to the Zasa Legalbite fund will have access to legal representation by any one of the panel of attorneys throughout RSA at no cost.

3. Membership Categories
The following membership categories are available for members to choose from;
a) Legal representation at the Police or Court.

b) Legal representation at the Police, Court and Home Affairs

c) Legal representation at the Police, Court, Home Affairs and High Court (Interdicts).

d) Members shall be entitled to Legal advise ONLY for any non-Immigration related matter.

4. Membership
Membership to the Zasa Legalite Legal protection shall be open to *ONLY* Zasa members in good standing (Fully paid for the current year in which the application for subscription to the Zasa Legalbite Protection is being made).

Non-Zasa members will be first be required to become Zasa members before subscribing for membership with Zasa Legalbite.

5. Joining Procedure
The following procedure shall apply;
a) Bonafide Zasa membership
b) Fill in the membership form
c) Pay the prescribed monthly fee according to the category selected
d) Enjoy legal representation and await your membership card.
e) More details on the Terms & Conditions are included in the membership application form.

All those wishing to join the Zasa Legalbite Legal Protection must contact their respective branch chairperson or branch SG.

More information will follow.


Able Benson Lungu
ZASA Vice President

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Press statement from Mrs. Naomi Nyawali
First Secretary Press and Public Relations.
Zambia’s High Commission, South Africa.
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