Last month we kind of just sprung it on you without making a huge fuss, well here’s the intro.

We constantly look for products and services that we know you will need and use, you will find these businesses/services under the Partners Section of the website. ZOONA are the latest addition to this portfolio of providers. To access their services and speak to them directly, simply submit the contact form below. We will continue forming these partnerships for your sake – all we ask is that you support them… It wouldn’t hurt to mention you heard about them from us too 😉

Did you know you can start your own Zoona outlet? To give you a better idea of who Zoona is and what they stand for, we have compiled a few videos in this post. You can read the full article in Issue 28 (January 2018) of ZASA Magazine to understand the context of this post, it is supplementary material. Download the edition free using the direct download links below this first video.

Download links (free) – You now have the option to download the Magazine in HD (bigger but super crystal clear kinda nice) or Low Res (smaller but still part of the cool crowd nice).

Low Res Version ZASA Magazine - Issue 28 - January 2018 (LRes)

HD Version ZASA Magazine - Issue 28 - January 2018 (HD)

Former Google CFO and current board advisor, Patrick Pichette, spent some time in a Zoona booth in Lusaka transacting as an Agent.


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