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Recruiters say Most Cover Letters Make Them Cringe

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As the new year approaches, there are a few things that most people will be getting in order – cleaning up the CV is one of those things, and for good reason. At this time of the year, we tend to look back over the year and review what worked, what didn’t and where to improve in both areas. When it comes to the CV, here are a few tips to get your CV in top form. Let’s get you to the top of the recruiter’s pile once 2018 kicks in.

Something you may want to note is that the Job Portal section of the website is fully active, is updated daily with new job posts and you can submit your CV for free. Recruiters regularly can search through the portal and if your CV is uploaded, they can download it at any time of the day. You can access the Job Portal here.

NB* Note that this is a supplementary post for the full article in the December 2017 edition of Career Path. You can download the magazine in HD or Standard definition on the links below.

Download links – You now have the option to download the Magazine in HD (bigger but super crystal clear kinda nice) or Low Res (smaller but still part of the cool crowd nice).

Low Res Version ZASA Magazine - Issue 27 - December 2017 (Low Res)

HD Version ZASA Magazine - Issue 27 - December 2017 (HD)

True or false? You don’t need a cover letter anymore because recruiters don’t read them. If you said “true” then you are WRONG. In this video, J.T. explains why your cover letter is even MORE IMPORTANT than your resume. She also introduces you to a simple technique for creating cover letters that get read and get you the interview.


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