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How do you get value for your hard earned cash from your service providers these holidays? Well, this month we put together an article that we hope will shed some light on how you can get full value for your money as a consumer. Remember to use the tips, it’s better to avoid the headaches of picking the rotten apple than having to teach your service provider how to treat you – the right service provider will already have a plan in place to quickly and effectively take care of your needs and have consumer protection as a core value even if it is unsaid.

We break down how the Consumer Protection ACT No 68, 2008 (PDF - Full) has been put in place for the sake of your rights to equality; privacy; choice; disclosure of information; fair and responsible marketing; fair and honest dealing; just and reasonable terms and conditions; and the right to safe and good quality goods. We look at the escalation processes you have at your disposal if not satisfied and how the Consumer Protection Act gives you a way of enforcing your rights if they are not respected by your service provider.

We wrap up our tips by looking at how customers these days use Twitter, Facebook and other online forums/complaint websites to air their feelings toward particular companies – we talk about how you can use these to your advantage and more.

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You can read the full article in Issue 27 (December 2017) of ZASA Magazine to understand the context of this post, it is supplementary material. Use the links below to download the magazine for free.

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