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We have noticed a lot of searches on the website for this topic so we’ve decided to re-post an article we had previously sent out on the issue. Please share the information with loved ones.

Original article can be found here.

You might have heard conflicting reports over documents that are being requested from motorists as they enter Zambia.

Please take note – in addition to your usual documents, this is a police clearance document that is now required by Interpol at the border (Zambian side) when driving into the country (personal details have been blurred for security reasons)  – make sure you get this document BEFORE you leave South Africa otherwise you will not be allowed to enter Zambia with your vehicle.

vehicle police clearance certificate for interpol clearance

Chilala Muhyila had just traveled (November last year) and was kind enough to check with an Interpol officer on duty at Kazungula and had this to say,

“Hi all. We had a brief chat about the Interpol requirements at the Zambian border. Yesterday I traveled to SA through Kazungula and took a minute to speak to the Interpol Officer on duty. He categorically stated that the clearance form is a must. People without it will not be allowed into Zambia, especially over the holidays. So please make time to get this document should you be driving up.”

The document is a Stolen Status Clearance Slip and it can be obtained at any of the designated police clearance stations such as Langlaagte in Jhb, Benoni, Centurion, Watloo – the document is free of charge and processed while you wait.

For paid off vehicles, please go with the car for physical inspection, take along proof of ownership of the vehicle plus your identification documents (including your passport).

For vehicles still under finance, you will most likely need to take along a border letter (from your Insurance company) and bank letter so you would have to start with those before doing the police clearance at the police station.

Please share this post with colleagues, family, and friends so they are aware of what to expect – let’s not leave each other stranded (scroll down this page for Langlaagte Police Station contact details and google map location).

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Sources: Chilala Muhyila | Feature image

SAPS website

Contact Details for more information;

Station: Langlaagte
Phone: 0114736218/9/6211
Fax: 0114746214
Postal Address: PO Box 60036 Langlaagte 2101

Physical Address: 1 Main Reef Road Langlaagte 2092


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