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Special Double Feature Edition | Kwangu Liwewe and Bob Nkosha (Dorika)

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Up Close with Kwangu Liwewe

Kwangu Liwewe


Season 2 of her Talk Show premiered at the end of October on Zambezi Magic. She is the daughter of a Journalist who later became well known as the ‘Voice of Zambian football’. We have grown up seeing her on our TV screens. She has accomplished what many in her industry only dream about, forging a career that’s seen her work for media corporations in Zambia, Malawi, the UK and South Africa. She was kind enough to allow us into her life to talk about what drives her, being fired in Malawi, her father’s influence on her career, as well as share her views on freedom of the press in Zambia.

Bob Nkosha – Peaking behind the Dorika mask

Bob Nkosha

Comedian, writer, director and actor Bob Nkosha is probably best known for his alter ego character of Dorika Ndaifulia SC but to place the focus entirely on his alter ego would be to miss one of the sharpest, comedic minds working today. He took some time out to chat to us about his journey so far, his ambitions to build a film school on a 75ha piece of land that’s already been secured and more.

(Note* This is only a supplementary post, please see the full interviews in Issue 26 by clicking this download link >  ZASA Magazine - Issue 26 - November 2017 – the download is free)

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Kwangu Liwewe shares a bit about her background and unpacks what’s in store for Season 2 of Talk With Kwangu in light of Zambia’s 53 years of independence. 

Dorika Teaser – More on Dorika (And Bob Nkosha – creator of the character) in Issue 26 (November 2017) of ZASA Magazine.

A TV show by Bob Nkosha in partnership with RTSA. The show has been picked up by Zambezi Magic. More on Bob Nkosha in Issue 26 (November 2017) of ZASA Magazine.

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Kwangu Liwewe on Social Media: Facebook | Twitter

Bob Nkosha on Social Media: Facebook or this page, or this profile

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