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Kapishya Hot Springs in Northern Zambia – Mpika

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Kapishya is a quiet secluded Lodge just off the Great North Road, situated on the Estate of Shiwa Ngandu (The Africa House) and is set along the banks of the Mansha River.

The main attraction of Kapishya is its natural, sulphur-free hot springs.

Kapishya has a fully stocked bar and a restaurant serving high standard international cuisine.

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The Hot Springs are an idyllic spot to spend your time relaxing in the natural, sulphur free water. These natural Springs are fed by three cold water springs which permeate down 6-7 kilometres to be super heated and then forced back to the surface dropping 10oc with every kilometre, so ending up on the surface at a luxurious 41oc. As your feet sink into the soft white sand, you can forget about the stresses of the outside world and truly relax.

Accommodation includes six chalets and camping. Activities include, game drives, river floats, visits to the Shiwa Ngandu manor house, horse riding and bird walks.

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