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Why is it important to take your medication the right way?

If you have ever been required to take medication for a long time, you probably understand how easy it can be to forget to take your medicine at the right time or how tempting it can be to deliberately decide to stop taking your medication altogether as soon as you begin to feel a little bit better. Even though medication is meant to help you, if taken incorrectly, medication can cause serious problems.

Please note this is a supplementary post for the article “Let’s Talk: Why is it important to take your medication the right way?” in Issue 25 of ZASA Magazine (October 2017). Download the magazine free here > ZASA Magazine - Issue 25 - October 2017.

Sidebar: 4 Questions you may want to ask your doctor

  1. What is this medicine for?
  2. How am I supposed to take it and for how long?
  3. What are the likely side effects? And what can I do if they occur?
  4. Is this medicine safe to take with other medicine and supplements that I am taking?

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