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We had been trying for some time to get her to talk to us but had been unable to due to some complications between Miss Zambia Pageant’s management company (Platinum Events Productions Africa) and the previous title holder Louisa Chingangu. The crown was contested in December 2016 and Mwangala got promoted from first princess to title holder in May this year after Louisa was dethroned due to a controversy that went viral on social media and made headlines in Zambian mainstream media publications.

We finally got a chance to chat to her when she came to South Africa to contest the Miss Africa Continent Pageant 2017. We found her deep in rehearsals and managed to get her away for an hour – the competition was taking place in 4 days.

Full Article:  ZASA Magazine - Issue 25 - October 2017 | Release date: 9 October 2017

We interviewed Rob a few months ago, that was just before he got into the ring and knocked his opponent out in less than a minute. This time around was a bit different. He was brought to submission through a choke hold. His story is one that everyone can draw parallels to life from. Things don’t always go your way and life will bring you to submission – the question is; are you ready to jump back into the ring?

This match was actually a main card fight as opposed to the preliminary matches he was in before – main card matches go live on TV.

We sat down with him again for a chat before this second fight and got a bit deeper than we did in our last interview.

Full Article:  ZASA Magazine - Issue 25 - October 2017 | Release date: 9 October 2017

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