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It’s our birthday month, here’s our present to you!

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So we just turned 2, and have been stumped about how to celebrate in a way that involves you, our readers. We are doing a lot more to commemorate this special month in the Anniversary issue which drops in a few days but for now, just join us in taking a moment to take in the strides we have made on this journey so far.

We want to take this opportunity to THANK YOU all for being with us and sharing in our growth – we are now present in 109 countries across all continents!

If your birthday falls in October, send us your name, picture, date of birth, email address and phone number on… We have something special planned for you.

How time flies… The pictures below are from our first ever edition (Issue 1)! It was meant to be a magazine for Zambians in the Midrand ZASA branch but became so much more thanks to the love we have gotten from you all!

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