Bring the baby to class – Zambian born Dr. Musoma tells student

Dr Henry Musoma was born and raised in Zambia. His random act of kindness went viral on social media after he asked a student to bring her baby to class when she contacted him to say she wouldn’t make it because she had to babysit.

He completed high school education in Zambia, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. In 1996 Musoma relocated to the United States to attend college, receiving both his masters and undergraduate degrees from Texas A&M University with a concentration in international Agricultural Development.

This random act of kindness saw Dr. Musoma and the student appear on the Ellen Degeneres Show.

Ellen sat down with Texas A&M student Ashton Robinson and her professor Henry Musoma, who insisted the college senior bring her 10-month-old son to class so he could help babysit. Find out why Henry welcomed Ashton and baby Emmett with literal open arms.

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Sources: The Zambian Observer | WhatsApp Video shares

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