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Quick facts about cancer (especially for men)

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Time for a reality check, this month Steven brings you an article focused on prostate cancer. Here are a few facts about cancer that you should know, read the full article for a fuller picture and to find out what you can do about it – remember, African men have a much higher chance of developing prostate cancer so please take care of yourselves out there.

Gents, make sure you go through. Ladies, make sure your men get this.

Sidebar (A few facts about cancer):

  1. Cancer is not a single disease. In fact, there are more than 100 types of cancer.
  2. With 1.1 million known cases, prostate cancer is the second most common type of cancer among men. It is second only to lung cancer which affects over 1.2 million men worldwide.
  3. A study done in Zambia conducted between 1990 and 2005, found an incidence rate of 37.7 per 100,000 for prostate cancer.
  4. According to the World Cancer Research Fund, one third of cancers can be prevented through diet, maintaining a healthy weight and regular physical exercise.
  5. The lack of low cost community based screening means that more men could be at risk of prostate cancer unknowingly.

Please note this is a supplementary post for the article “Let’s Talk: African Men and Prostate Cancer” in Issue 24 of ZASA Magazine (September 2017). Download the magazine free here > ZASA Magazine - Issue 24 - September 2017.

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