There was a time when Traveller’s cheques were the easiest and most popular way to carry your money when going to another country. Ask a Millennial today and they will look at you as if you just stepped out of a time machine. Before that, people opted for cold hard cash but we all know the risks involved there. Traveller’s cheques gave way to more modern ways of moving with money to a point where you now never even have to step foot in a Bureau de Change – the biggest pain though remains the cost and convenience.

While relying on your credit or debit card is certainly convenient, getting slapped with a charge statement from your bank at the end of the month after a lovely trip is one way to dampen the mood.

This is why in this month’s edition; we did some research on the costs you are most likely to incur when dealing with POS (card swipes) and ATM withdrawal transactions while travelling out of the country. We touch on how dealing with FOREX has evolved over the years and chat to a Mukuru agent about how you can get your money from here to Zambia in an affordable and convenient way. This way, you stay in control of the process and costs involved by knowing exactly how much you will be spending on fees.

Download the latest edition here > ZASA Magazine - Issue 24 - September 2017 to read the article and understand the context of this post, this is a supplementary post.

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