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Dual Citizenship Brief – Zambia High Commission Pretoria

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Last evening [Monday, 21 August] I had the opportunity to attend Zambia’s home affairs minister Honourable Steve Kampyongo’s meeting at the embassy.

The summary is as follows:

  • The government of Zambia has established a Citizenship Board which will deal with all matters related to dual citizenship.
  • It’s being chaired by the minister of home affairs.
  • No person with dual citizenship can be a president of Zambia.
  • Children who are citizens of other countries and one or both parents are Zambians can apply for dual citizenship in Zambia when they are 18yrs or older. At this age, they are considered old enough to make informed decisions about their life.
  • Children who are stateless will in the meantime wait for the Joint Permanent Commission between Zambia and South Africa to come up with a solution to deal with this issue.
  • Application forms for dual citizenship can be obtained from the embassy office.
  • Zambian home affairs is being computerized and so more information will be available online.
  • Other issues to do with Zambians living here illegally and wanting amnesty etc are on the table with the minister for further engagement with the SA government.
  • Payment of fees is applicable for those applying and can be obtained from the embassy.

Mathews Chitibwi
Secretary – ZASA Kempton Park Branch

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