It is sad that in a month where we are supposed to be honouring women and their wonderful achievements, we have to issue a statement pulling out an article that was meant to be the centre piece of this edition.

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The fact of the matter is, this decision was not an easy one but is necessary to maintain the integrity of this publication.

The interview was agreed, it was conducted early July and Maureen Nkandu was advised she would be the feature story for the August Issue. As a courtesy, we gave her a copy before publishing but were subsequently informed that another interview with a different International Magazine was conducted last week and that that magazine has been given exclusive rights to publish her story.

As she explained, her lawyers contacted the other magazine in order to see if there would be a way around the exclusivity and the outcome of that was that we can only proceed to publish the story once there have been edits which we feel is a move that takes away our independence.

When we started this magazine, we could only dream of doing interviews with people of Maureen Nkandu’s stature but the events of the past couple of days have led us to weigh our options; either we allow ourselves to be pushed into becoming a personal PR machine, or we continue building our credibility as consistently as we have from day one. We do not believe it is in our readers’ interest to buckle to pressure from the outside.

We, therefore, would like to apologise to our readers, advertisers and all stakeholders for the mix-up, and advise that we have dropped all intentions of publishing this story so as not to jeopardise the agreement she has in place with said International Magazine. We are in the process of replacing this month’s feature story which will be released shortly.

We wish Maureen every success in her future endeavours.

ZASA Magazine Management.

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