Feature Story | K'Millian set for return? Exclusive Interview

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He dominated the Zambian music scene dropping 13 albums in the process; his music became an anthem for a nation that was looking for something new and fresh. He easily slots into the category of pioneering Zambian musicians that have paved the way for the artists you see today.


(Note* This is only a supplementary post, please see the full interview in Issue 22 of ZASA Magazine (July 2017), download the issue free here)

The first song of his that he heard played on radio – Bwela, K’Millian

K’Millian has quietly been reviving his presence in South Africa after laying low for a few years. We met at the ZASA function in Newcastle last month where he performed in front of a cheering crowd.

The selfies would not stop. I can understand that, he is an icon. But what struck me was his down to earth persona and how he accommodated everyone. We agreed to meet later for an interview – download the July edition of the magazine for the full story.

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