Did you know you can now receive money from the UK and EU?

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Our promise to you was simple, and it remains the same. One of ZASA Magazine’s missions is to uncover and inform you of services that will make your life in the Diaspora that much easier.

You should already know by now that one of these services is a facility that helps you send and receive money even if you are far from home. But…

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What you might not know is that Mukuru also has a solution available in the UK and the European Union that solves a problem that’s been a sore point for a lot of foreign nationals in the Diaspora – the ability to take care of your loved ones from abroad. In this month’s edition, we give you one example of some of the challenges faced by Zambians living abroad; this is an experience that one of our own contributors went through about 2 months ago.

Download Issue 22 (July) here to read the article and understand the context of this post, this is a supplementary post.

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To register an account now, visit Mukuru.com.

Got a question or comment you’d like us to pass on to Mukuru for you? Submit your query here and we’ll make sure they get it and get back to you.

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