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Issue 22 | July 2017 (free download)

Hello ZASA Mag family,

Here we are again, another month ticks away and we are just over half way to the end of the year – how time flies!

ZASA Magazine - Issue 22 - July 2017_Cover

We have been hard at work making small adjustments to the mag and website, we hope you enjoy all the changes with new features starting to appear. Please feel free to give us your thoughts and suggestions as we go, this is your platform.

Issue 22 is here!

ZASA Magazine - Issue 22 - July 2017_Content

It’s been an eventful month so we have a lot to cover but I’ll try keep it brief. K’Millian opens up about his rise to the pinnacle of Zambian music, going silent and new record label talks. Get ready to have the iconic Victoria Falls at your doorstep on your next holiday trip – more on this Dream Destination in this issue; we talk about a quick and easy way to receive money from abroad, also find out how you can take care of your family back home.
As usual there have been a number of events taking place and ZASA Magazine was there to cover it for you. Victoria interviews Simon, a Social “Technopreneur” and Steven talks about what you can do if you have a loved one that might be suffering from depression; track the #GQ4GH series on social media to stay up to date.

And no bane, that’s not all…

Remember to subscribe to us at zasamag.com/about and as always – get yourself something nice to sip on and enjoy 🙂

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