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Sending money to Zambia shouldn’t be a horror story

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In this month’s edition, we share a few stories about the dangers of sending money through channels you cannot trust – some are funny but some can very easily result in heartache.

A post was shared in one of the ZASA WhatsApp groups that sparked some interesting yet revealing views of the issues Zambians face in the Diaspora. The post has been doing the rounds on social media and is by Motivational Speaker Mubita Nawa calling for Zambians to “come back home”.

In response to the post, someone suggested buying and building property back in Zambia and this led to a very interesting exchange about issues of sending money to Zambia. One person shared how a friend living abroad was sending money home only to return and find her house was still at slab level.

Please read the article in Issue 21 (June) for the stories… Most memorable quote “asanga mambala alilwala ale onta imbaula, guy afilwa noku pinda…”

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Do you have any interesting stories about sending money back home to share? Leave a comment on our Facebook page or in the comments section below and let us know about it, we’ll pick the most interesting one and share it when we release Issue 22 (July).

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