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Property Talk | Connecting your new building to ZESCO

Have you downloaded the latest issue of ZASA Magazine yet? Issue 20 is available for free download.

Now that we have walked you through the process of dealing with construction permits in Zambia, what happens when you have to start servicing your building?

In this edition (Issue 20), we give an analysis of the efficiency in moving through the procedures required to connect to the ZESCO national grid, the time it will (or should) generally take to complete each procedure and the associated costs.


The Property Talk section in ZASA Magazine is your number one source for reliable, researched content, news, and updates. You can download this month’s Issue of the magazine here to see the full Connecting your new building to ZESCO article.

Missed last month’s article? No stress, here’s a link to Dealing with construction permits in Zambia | Part II

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