Good Questions for Good Health: How much rest do you need?

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Please start by reading the article “Let’s talk: How much rest do you need?” in Issue 20 of ZASA Magazine (May 2017) to understand the context of this post, it is supplementary material. Download the magazine free here.

We now know that getting enough rest is key to good health and well-being. A good night’s sleep is by far the best way of achieving rest. This probably explains why we spend one-third of our lives sleeping. It is estimated that if you sleep an average of 8 hours each day, you will sleep for 229,961 hours in your lifetime. This is more than you will spend either eating (32,098 hours), watching TV (80,486 hours) or both.

How do you know if you are not sleeping enough? More importantly, how does sleep work? In the two videos below, Professor Richard Wiseman – renowned psychologist at the University of Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom – discusses how sleep works and how we can master it. Start off by taking the sleep test, first.

Good Questions for Good Health: How can you get involved?

As we continue with this series, we urge you to continue asking good questions. We would like to create a platform where your views, health goals, and concerns can be shared. A platform from where you can draw strength and inspiration as we share inspirational health stories from Zambia and the world over. Do you have an experience you would like to share with us? Have you been living with an illness for a long time? Share with us how you have been managing. Do you have a health question you would like us to explore? Get in touch with us by sending an email to or better still, leave us a message below or on our Facebook page.

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